Poldark - The Ultimate Collection

The music is ordered so that there's a sense of narrative through the 3 CDs. It was Anne's original intention to entitle the album "Poldark - a Matter of LIfe and Death" as there are indeed many births and a tragic number of demises in the course of the story. In addition, this being "Poldark", there is war, peace, revolution, politics, mining, smuggling, rivalry, lust, hope, despair, the incredible physicality of Cornwall and above all, love. The music develops through each series and the themes appear in many different guises.

Track Listing

Disc: 1

1. Suite from Poldark
2. I'd Pluck a Fair Rose
3. How the Tide Rushes In
4. Medhel an Gwyns
5. The Longest Walk
6. The Bal Maidens
7. Love of My Life
8. The Blue Dress
9. Resurgam
10. Liberty or Tyranny
11. Daring to Hope
12. Working the Quillet
13. Where the Land Meets the Sea
14. The Carnmore Copper Company
15. Becoming Porcelain
16. A Seam of Ironstone
17. A Blood Red Moon
18. Copper and Tin
19. Luck of the Devil
20. I Wish We Could Stay Like This Forever
21. Lawless Spirits
22. Homecoming
23. The Harvest
24. Selling Up

Disc: 2

1. You Have a Son
2. Francis Is Missing
3. Ice in the Morning
4. Keep the Candles Burning
5. All the Kingdoms of the World
6. Unaccounted For
7. Never Have, Never Will
8. You Appear to Have Won
9. Has It Come Too Late?
10. The Happiest of Men
11. Greater Love
12. The Coming of the Shadow of Death
13. The Passing of the Tides
14. Justice of the Peace
15. Worst Winter in 30 Years
16. What We Feel Is True
17. Into the Darkness
18. We Can Never Be Together
19. Born Under a Black Moon
20. Grieve for the Departed
21. Reflection and Submission
22. Forbidden Love
23. I Once Tasted Heaven
24. Ask Me Nothing

Disc: 3

1. Hanover Square Allemand
2. Gavotte For Mr Whitworth
3. The Falmouth Jig
4. Morwenna's Minuet
5. Rigadoon
6. The Smallest Piece of My Heart
7. March to the Scaffold
8. The Feast Day of Saint Sawle
9. A Rare Good Man
10. Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens
11. Life's Greatest Adventure
12. The Flood
13. She's Gone
14. The Poor House
15. Safe as Houses
16. A Moment of Bliss
17. Before the City Wakes
18. It Will Always Be Ross
19. Losing Her
20. The Memory of Elizabeth
21. The Renegade
22. The Merits of the Deal
23. About to Fall
24. A Guiltless Child