Black Book - Original Soundtrack

Track Listing

  1. A Hundred Years From Today (Performed by Carice Van Houten)
  2. Ich bin die fesche Lola [Live] (Performed by Carice Van Houten)
  3. Ja, das ist meine Melodie (Performed by Carice Van Houten)
  4. Ich tanze mit Dir in der Himmel hinein (Performed by Carice Van Houten)
  5. Rachel's Theme
  6. The Black Book
  7. Escape Through The Marshes
  8. In Pursuit
  9. Rachel's Plan
  10. In Too Deep
  11. Shot At Dawn
  12. Sleeping With The Enemy
  13. Escape Plans
  14. The Insider
  15. Falling Into The Trap
  16. Confessions Of The Night
  17. Escape By Sea
  18. A Hero Of The Resistance
  19. Intelligence Gathering
  20. Rumours Of Liberation
  21. Victims Of The Occupation
  22. Rachel's Retribution
  23. The Endless River